Visit to ISB

This week my class gathered up in front of our school to pay a visit to ISB. We went by bus half way then walked to the school campus. The school is amazing. They have a huge yard, a tennis court on the roof and besides the main building there are a few small houses where different classes are held.

The inside of the school is beautiful. We went into one of the classrooms to choose what class we'd go to. My group picked Science and English as a Foreign Language.

The Science class was really interesting. We did experiments with polymer, a substance used to absorb liquids. We also made slime using Borax and glue and a bouncy ball.

The English as a foreign language class was fun too. We had to try and sell a useless item, such as a bucket with a hole, a broken plate and a house with no roof. we also acted out a detective story which was really fun to do.

Overall I had a blast visiting and my group and I agree it was one of the best experiences of our lives so far.

Jana Otkovic VII/5